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Games that adapt for players enjoy a growing appeal

China Daily

3rd October 2022

Games that adapt for players enjoy a growing appeal


Jie Yanbing, 17, was in a sword duel on a smartphone game. She drew the sword and attacked the enemy, then made a feint, launched a counterattack and victory was confirmed as well as the upgrade to a higher level.

Yet on screen there was nothing but buttons. No image of her hero, no image of her sword, and no special effects of them attacking each other. Called Audio Martial World, the game is designed for those with visual impairment, enabling them to enjoy smartphone games. Li was testing the game.

Zhou Tong, 32, works at a company developing the game. "We make the game exactly the same as ordinary games with only one difference: It is totally audio. The player can control his/her character by pressing virtual buttons, buy armor for them, get upgrades, and defeat other players, but all is done in audio. We hope that the 17 million visually impaired people nationwide can enjoy games as much as anyone."

They have also developed a social platform called Talk With Smile, on which those with visual impairments can register an account and livestream others. They could participate in talkshows, hold crosstalk and display their linguistic and musical talents.

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