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Father pushes ill son through marathons


7th November 2022

Father pushes ill son through marathons

A father-son pair became the focus of attention during Sunday's Xin'anjiang Marathon in Jiande, a county-level city in Zhejiang province, Xinhua reported.

The father, 45-year-old Luo Shujian from the province's Jinhua city, ran the marathon while pushing a three-wheeled cart carrying his 13-year-old son Xiaobai.

Due to severe asphyxia during delivery, Xiaobai was diagnosed with cerebral palsy six months after he was born in 2009. What's worse, he developed Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, a severe form of epilepsy in young children that is hard to control, at the age of three.

Luo was told his son's condition requires lifelong care. With help from charities, Luo's family took Xiaobai to see experts on the management and treatment of LGS, and Xiaobai's condition improved after taking medication.

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