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Everyone is worthy of love.

South China Morning Post

13th December 2022

Everyone is worthy of love. romance blossoms between Chinese firefighter and woman with artificial leg he rescued, lighting up the internet

• ​Millions of netizens bask in the true love story of a Chinese woman who overcame losing her leg and the hero firefighter who became her beau

• ​‘You are the loveliest woman I have ever met’ he tells her after releasing her trapped artificial limb from a crack in the pavement

A 25-year-old Chinese woman who lost her leg has become an internet sensation after she developed a romantic relationship with the firefighter who helped release her stuck prosthetic leg from a crack in the pavement.

The woman, Niu Yu, from Chengdu city in Sichuan province, southwestern China, has been showered with millions of compliments by netizens on the mainland who have been enthralled by her story of true love.

It all started several months ago when she called the local fire station for help after her artificial limb became trapped in a crack between paving stones in a park.

Her firefighter boyfriend-to-be, surnamed Li, arrived on the scene with a colleague to handle the situation, according to Sichuan Guancha, an online platform of Sichuan TV.

In a viral video, Li can be seen crouching down to hand Niu her freed prosthetic leg as she sat on the ground.

After chatting for a few minutes, Niu plucked up the courage to ask him for his contact details.

“At first, he was a bit shy, and told me that I could call the emergency hotline,” Niu told Sichuan Guancha.

But Niu persevered and eventually convinced Li to give her his contact details.

Firefighter Li kept things cool over the next few days and weeks as they chatted online.

However, as their interactions developed, their hearts got closer, “He began to share his story with me,” Niu said.

She added that Li showed her a lot of care and attention, especially when he kept her spirits high while she was suffering a bout of severe hair loss.


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