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Equally splendid Beijing Paralympics a continuation of success,

Global Times

5th March 2022

Equally splendid Beijing Paralympics a continuation of success, outline China’s humanistic care for people with disabilities

Mutual understanding, respect matter as world torn apart: experts

By Wang Qi and Zhang Hui

About four weeks after the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games opening ceremony, which injected hope and confidence into the world with a theme of spring, the Paralympic Games opening ceremony kicked off Friday at the same stage of the Bird's Nest in Beijing, displaying stories of self-reliance, inclusiveness, and mankind unity.

Closely following the phenomenal Winter Olympic Games which have shown China's ability in epidemic control and events hosting, as well as the escalating Ukraine crisis, the Paralympics opening was filled with warmth and strength.

China's message is clear, as the Paralympics are a stage to display determination to make progress in human rights and the protection of the disabled. China on Thursday issued its first white paper on sports participation of people with disabilities, which summarized China's efforts and achievements in developing parasports for the public as well as the competitive parasports.

The opening ceremony started at 8 pm, before which the countdown performance looked back at the history of the Paralympic Games and the inspiration of the Paralympic Spirit.

As the disabled college choir sang the household patriotic song "Me and my Motherland", representatives who have contributed to the cause of disabled people and disabled athletes escorted the Chinese national flag into the stadium. The red flag stood out against the blue background of snow and ice.

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