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Early detection drops special school enrolments

China Daily

2nd August 2022

Early detection drops special school enrolments

When Putian Special Education School opened its doors to enrollment for the school year last autumn, there were no first-grade students for the first time in the school's history.

For the majority of schools, no new first-graders is not a good sign, but for Putian Special Education School, this is great news. The school provides education for a range of children with special requirements, such as those that are hearing or vision impaired.

According to the school's president, Wu Jinsong, having no new students for the first grade for the first time can be attributed to the great developments that have been made in the ability to detect infants' medical needs increasingly earlier in order to prevent further damage and provide care and treatment as early as possible.

For certain conditions, early detection and treatment can prevent irreversible damage later on, not to mention considerable financial costs.

For example, in the past, a number of families had missed the window of opportunity to get

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