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Disabled people enjoy better job prospects

China Daily

1st March 2022

Disabled people enjoy better job prospects

By CHENG SI | China Daily

Blue book says employment rose in 2020, with many running businesses

Disabled people have benefited from a fairer Chinese job market in recent years, with more high-quality employment opportunities, according to a blue book released on Tuesday.

Produced by the China Commission on Promotion of Publicity for the Undertakings of Chinese Disabled Persons, Social Sciences Academic Press, and Renmin University of China, it said about 8.62 million people with disabilities had jobs in 2020, up from 8.55 million in 2019.

Among them, around 634,000 ran their own businesses and nearly 2.4 million were in flexible employment. Many found jobs after attending work-skills training programs.

The report said about 382,000 people with disabilities received such training in 2020, with 621 getting professional certification as blind masseurs.

However, the large number of disabled people in China-around 85 million-and prejudices and lower social security coverage had hampered their efforts to live better lives with dignity.

Li Ge, human resources manager at the Beijing office of Sinopec Capital, said recently that it's important to offer job seekers with disabilities suitable vacancies that allow them to play to their strengths.

"Offering them suitable jobs can not only help them realize their value but create value for the companies," she said. "It's a win-win situation."



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