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Disabled baristas take a shot at new careers

China Daily

17th July 2023

Disabled baristas take a shot at new careers

By Li Yingxue

Building skills

Last year, Hinichijou opened a new branch in Shanghai specifically for 24-year-old twins, Yin Tianbao and Yin Tianyou, who have been visually impaired since birth.

In November 2021, Yin Tianbao, the older brother, began learning coffee making from the trainers at Hinichijou.

He faced challenges in accurately determining the cup size and water level, sometimes pouring too much water.

When it came to making lattes, he was sometimes imprecise and spilled milk on his hand. Eventually, the right moves were committed to his muscle memory.

Yin Tianbao took six months to master coffee making, especially "latte art".

Drawing on his big brother's experience it only took Yin Tianyou a month to become a competent barista.

With the experience of training the twins, Hinichijou last year established a training school for people with disabilities as well as able-bodied people.

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