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Disability no hurdle for this Songjiang athlete


17th July 2022

Disability no hurdle for this Songjiang athlete

By Yang Yang

Li Weichun was born with cerebral palsy. His legs are of different lengths and his left arm is partially dysfunctional.

Nobody ever expected that one day he would become a star in the athletic field.

"When I am running, I don't feel I'm disabled any more. I feel delighted," said Li.

Li, the second son of a Li family in Zhaowang Village in Songjiang District's Xinbang Town, was born in March 1979. That was one year after China launched its opening-up policy and its people were confident about and optimistic about their future.

"Let us name him 'weichun (a guard of the spring)'," said Li's parents.

When he was a toddler, people found him often losing his balance.

When children of his age were able to run and jump, he was still not able to walk normally, with his left arm permanently dangling in front of his chest.

It was not until years later that Li learned how to "walk." Yet his left foot was still not able to land totally on the ground. His childhood friends laughed at him, yet Li still liked to play with them: searching for food in the field, or catching cicadas in the trees together.

"My friends thought I was somehow terrific. They ran several meters ahead of me. Though I lagged behind at first, I was able to catch up with them finally," Li recalled.

Li Weichun's medals and certificates from his many victories on the field

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