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Dining in the Dark


20th January 2024

Dining in the Dark

At Xidan in the very heart of Beijing, the restaurant Trojan Fairy, is not an ordinary eatery because the diners can find their way to their tables only through the help of an usher, in the completely dark.

Yang Demin, the pianist and part-time usher of Trojan Fairy, is now a student at the music department of the Special Education College of Beijing Union University. Yang, with no sense of the light, can accurately locate the table for diners in the restaurant.

Yu Shuang, a former surgeon, founded Trojan Fairy in 2009. Yu, once a short-period patient of retinal detachment, though cured, set up the restaurant in order to enable customers to have a brief impression on how visually impaired people feel every day.

She provides jobs for the disabled with the hope of helping them fit into the society.

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