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Deaf-mute couple's livestream with sign language

China Daily

22nd July 2022

Deaf-mute couple's livestream with sign language

By Liu Kun in Wuhan and ZHANG YU

A deaf-mute couple in Yunmeng county, Hubei province has attracted an increasing number of fans in their live-stream programs over Kuaishou - a Chinese video-sharing platform - for their special sales with sign language.

The husband, Gong Tianliang, lost his hearing before he was two years old, caused by continuous cold fever, while the wife, Huang Rongrong, was born deaf.

The couple met in Zhejiang province when they both worked there several years ago. In 2020, their baby girl was born who became the motivation for the couple to try livestreaming for a better life.

Huang is responsible for introducing the products with sign language while Gong works on camera and editing jobs.

For a video or a livestream, we need to prepare for about a whole day," Gong said, adding that they need to convert some difficult words into sign language.

Except for selling things, they also share their stories as deaf-mutes in life. "We want to convey positive spirits via the sharing, hoping to inspire more disabled people to work on their own."


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