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City activates networks to protect vulnerable groups


15th April 2022

City activates networks to protect vulnerable groups

By Hu Min

Shanghai is weaving a solid protection network for its most vulnerable groups to help them get through the COVID-19 pandemic.

These include elderly citizens living alone, critically ill patients, the disabled and destitute families.

Because they are the "silent minority," they need extreme care from society during the lockdown period, the city's civil affairs officials said.

Authorities have beefed up efforts to identify these people, hear their voices and deliver support to help them.

Civil affairs officials at district level are learning about the needs of the city's elderly population, particularly those living alone, with financial difficulties, or lacking care temporarily after their family members are quarantined, and also their health conditions.

An online-plus-offline service system has been established to also provide psychological comfort to them.

Community-based canteens remain open to deliver hot meals to seniors, and neighborhood committees and volunteers are dispensing medicines for the elderly under lockdown.



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