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China sees rapid development in winter sports for disabled

23rd February 2022

China sees rapid development in winter sports for disabled

China's team of 124 para-athletes are preparing for the Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympics at world-class training bases across Beijing and Hebei province.


China has seen remarkable progress in the development of winter sports for people with disabilities in recent years, said an official with China's Disabled People's Federation.

At a Sunday press conference, Yong Zhijun, deputy director of the federation's department of sports, said that Chinese athletes will compete in all six sports at the Beijing 2022 Paralympics Winter Games. He added that this is a significant improvement from the situation before 2015, when Chinese athletes competed in only two of the six sports.

"Today, the number of Chinese national Paralympic athletes has grown from less than 50 to almost 1,000," said Yong. He noted that the achievements have been made possible by the federation's promotion of winter sports among disabled people throughout the country, as well as by international cooperation and exchanges.

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