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China issues action plan to advance disability prevention


5th January 2022

China issues action plan to advance disability prevention

The Chinese government has issued a new five-year disability prevention action plan, laying out measures to effectively control the occurrence and development of disabilities.

According to the National Disability Prevention Action Plan issued by the General Office of the State Council, the country will be a leader among middle and high-income countries by the end of 2025 in terms of the main disability prevention indicators, with improved policy systems and service networks, and a higher level of public awareness.

The plan specifies measures in five major areas, including rehabilitation services, public awareness promotion, and the prevention and control of birth defects and disabilities caused by development disorders, illnesses and injuries.

The plan sets out tasks to be implemented during the period, such as increasing early screening and intervention among children, strengthening the prevention and control of disabilities resulting from chronic diseases, and tightening traffic and transportation safety management.

Data from the China Disabled Persons' Federation shows that the number of people with disabilities in China increases by over 2 million annually.

Source: Xinhua Editor: Zhang Long

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