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Caring classmates. ex-school friends in China pledge lifelong support for man brain damaged

Caring classmates. ex-school friends in China pledge lifelong support for man brain damaged in horrific road accident 28 years ago

A man in China who suffered brain damage and ended up physically disabled following a serious road accident has had his life turned around by a group of caring, generous former classmates.

The heartwarming story of 49 old school friends who have been helping their old friend for 18 years, triggered an outpouring of emotion after it was reported online earlier this week.

A year after Xiong Qianjin graduated from secondary school in Changde, central Hunan province in 1995, he was hit by a bus and suffered severe injuries that affected his memory and ability to work for a living.

Xiong was in a coma for 58 days and was left with lifelong physical disabilities as well as partial amnesia, which means he has difficulty remembering certain events after secondary school.

However, he found he could still remember former school friends and their names, and instantly recognised one called Fu Xibao when he saw him in a street in 2005.

Fu was shocked to see his ex-classmate looking dishevelled and ill.

Xiong’s father died in 2015, so he and his mother were forced to live on her meagre pension.

After learning of Xiong’s situation, other old school friends decided to offer him a helping hand by donating money and regularly buying daily necessities for him.


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