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Bus Stops in Nanjing with Braille Signage a First for Jiangsu

The Nanjinger

14th September 2020

Bus Stops in Nanjing with Braille Signage a First for Jiangsu

Visually-impaired people living in Nanjing have received a boost to their mobility in the form of bus stops equipped with signage in braille, in a move that is a first for Jiangsu Province and one that sees Nanjing lead the way in assistance for the disabled.

Last Friday, 11 September, saw the braille signage rolled out for use on 92 bus stops in Nanjing. The assistance for the visually impaired comprises a stainless-steel plate, imprinted with braille, and a voice-prompt button below. The plate carries information identifying the bus stop and the bus lines that service it.

Until now, blind people navigating Nanjing’s public bus system had no choice but to ask other travellers for the information they needed, which was an embarrassing prospect for many.



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