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Blind student in China overcomes challenges to be admitted to graduate school


18th June 2020

Blind student in China overcomes challenges to be admitted to graduate school

A blind woman in Nanjing, East China's Jiangsu province, recently was admitted as a graduate student after years of conquering challenges to learning.

Yang Yuqing, 22, was born with retinal dysplasia and went to special needs schools for her education.

She decided to take the graduate entrance examination last year to further her studies and overcame many difficulties that people with normal vision cannot imagine.

In China, there were almost no Braille versions of professional books and documents about psychology, her field of study.

So she had to find electronic material via the internet, and then used special software to convert the material into a format that could be read by blind people using another type of software.

"The specific software to read the screen sometimes couldn't identify the format correctly," said Yang, adding it made reading quite difficult.

Her efforts to study paid off well, in that recently she was accepted by Liaoning Normal University to study educational psychology.

"During my years of learning I've received help from many people," Yang said. "I hope that I can research the psychology, learning habits and social connection of challenged children to give them professional advice on education, to help them have a better future as much as I can."



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