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Blind singers in tune with society

China Daily

18th April 2023

Blind singers in tune with society

By Zhang Yi and Hu Meidong

Members encourage their peers to overcome disability and spread their wings

Every Saturday night, music lover Huang Yanping gets together with friends and logs on to a livestreaming platform to give a concert lasting three hours.

Sometimes, the friends are so excited that they play till midnight.

On the screen, six people sit huddled together with microphones in front of them. They are all visually impaired and most can barely see. Over the years, members of the band in Fuzhou, Fujian province, have included masseurs, piano tuners, computer teachers and music producers. For the love of music, they come together to play as a group.

The name of the band is Seeing, and its aim is to encourage visually impaired people to integrate into society.

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