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Blind lawyer helps seniors improve tech knowledge

China Daily

30th October 2020

Blind lawyer helps seniors improve tech knowledge


TIANJIN-Wang Hui wears glasses, reads text on a computer screen and sends messages on his mobile phone. Few can tell at first that the 35-year-old apprentice lawyer is blind.

Against a stereotype in China that blind people can work only as massage therapists or instrument tuners, Wang passed a bar examination last year and has been employed by a law firm in the northern Chinese port city of Tianjin. He has devoted his spare time to developing screen-reading software to help the visually impaired easily find information with modern technology.

Since last year, Wang has been a mobile phone guide for seniors.

"The elderly have similar troubles using regular mobile phones due to mobility, eyesight or cognitive difficulties," Wang said. "I understand their frustration."

In a country where opportunities for blind people are limited, Wang wants to prove they can contribute, too.

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