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Barrier-free cinema a creative step to help the blind

Barrier-free cinema a creative step to help the blind

China Daily

3rd December 2022

Barrier-free cinema a creative step to help the blind

Saturday marks the 31st International Day of Persons with Disabilities, which has been observed by the UN since 1992.

Among all the activities for this year, the launch of the Youku non-barrier cinema, jointly initiated by China Commission of Promotion of Publicity for the Undertakings of Chinese Disabled Persons (CCPPUCDP) and Alibaba group is of special significance. According to reports, anyone with a visual disability could register their identity, log in, and enjoy all the non-barrier films in the online cinema oeuvre.

It should be noted that over 17 million people suffer from visual disabilities in China alone. For those with discerning eyes, it is hard to imagine the disappointment of those with visual disabilities who know there is a new film but cannot watch it fully.

That's how barrier-free films emerged, namely broadcasting the original film in a hall, where an orator explains its storyline simultaneously to the visually impaired audience. It is always easier said than done as the narrator often has to watch the film more than once before the performance, so as to get familiar with the story and be able to retell it smoothly; funds are needed to rent a hall big enough to support audiences and work needs to be done to spread the news to all the targeted audiences with visual disabilities.


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