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An Argentine transcribes sheet music into the Braille system and created a library


9th January 2023

An Argentine transcribes sheet music into the Braille system and created a library that sends material to the blind around the world

by Argentine News

Inclusion. That word became an intention and a guide for Mauro De Giovannithe man from Santa Fe who for more than 20 years translate musical scores into braille. While he was studying at the “Antonio Fuentes del Arco” Municipal High School, one of his friends and classmates was blind. Meeting him helped Mauro understand that for blind people to have the same opportunities as others, someone had to remove one of the only barriers they encountered when trying to study music: reading sheet music. And he decided that that person was going to be him.

From his meeting with Rafael at the door of the Liceo before the Audio class until today, De Giovanni never stopped studying braille. It is that for him the inclusion of blind people in our society comes with decades behindTherefore, no delays are allowed. “I work every day to improve my translation and provide access to blind people,” he said in dialogue with TN. The greatest pride and satisfaction of him is to have been recognized by the blind community.

It all started about 22 years ago, when he met Rafael and accompanied him to the classroom. “How are you going to do to study?”, She asked his new friend, but the question was actually an inner concern. During that class she helped him by dictating the notes. Upon arriving at his house, he began to investigate the braille system and that was the first step that led him to become the expert he is today.

Mauro immediately noticed that there was a Empty space that someone had to fill out, so in addition to investigating, he joined the Asociación Santafesina Nueva Cultura, an institution that works towards the inclusion of blind people. Hand in hand with this organization, he began to take courses to learn the system and made the first translations of it. All were donated to the association and given to blind people in Santa Fe.

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