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A small power can generate great things


11th December 2022

A small power can generate great things

By Cai Wenjun

In a social media makeup video, a woman touched her face to find her lips, then picked up lipstick, dipped her hands in it, and applied it to her mouth, blending it from the middle to both sides. The woman, surnamed Xiao, is a visually impaired person.

Ten years ago, she lost all vision at the age of 21 due to retinopathy. After going through despair and fear, she finally decided to confront life with an optimistic attitude. She learned how to do makeup by herself, and through continuous exploration, she demonstrated the makeup skills of blind people and became a makeup artist and short video blogger.

In six years, she has taught more than 3,600 visually impaired females how to put on makeup. "When I couldn't see the world, I realized that one thing people overlooked was that I am a girl first," Xiao said.

"Being a makeup artist and blogger is to let more people understand that we are an ordinary girl, and then we are a visually impaired people.

I hope that with my efforts, more visually impaired women can see possibilities in life."

She influences more people to pay attention to these special groups and drives more people to cherish life and work hard. She also makes people believe that a small power can generate great things.

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