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Visually impaired shining on stage and in life


23rd April 2023

Visually impaired shining on stage and in life

By Cai Wenjun

Shot by Dong Jun. Edited by Dong Jun. Subtitles by Cai Wenjun.

A special concert was presented at Shanghai Ai'er Eye Hospital on Friday night, when members of the Meiaironghe Art Troupe, whose members are mainly visually impaired, sang songs, played instruments and recited poems on stage.

In a break from cliched impressions that disabled people are usually introverted and poor in communication, these children and young people are confident, outgoing and happy.

They laughed and sang loudly, cheering up the audience. A female audience member even cried when five troupe members sang a cappella "Giving Me A Kiss." Their optimism, happiness and love impressed everyone in the room.

The charity concert was to raise awareness of eye health and vision protection, organizers said.

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