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Supermarket alters store to aid visually impaired

China Daily

9th February 2021

Supermarket alters store to aid visually impaired

A supermarket specially equipped to accommodate blind customers in Yuncheng, Shanxi province, garnered public attention recently after a customer uploaded a video online showing visually impaired people shopping without obstacles.

In the video, a visually impaired customer was shopping alone on the barrier-free path in the supermarket that was renovated half a month ago. Along with the path, the supermarket also set up a separate shopping zone, printed Braille labels on products and installed quick pay devices for people with disabilities. "I hope paths like this everywhere can be scientifically designed and truly used for people," a comment for the video said.

Li Weixuan, the owner of the supermarket, told guancha-an online news and comments aggregator-that his visually impaired elder brother inspired him to make the changes. "My brother said he always bumped against barriers in the store, making trouble for the shop assistants, and that's why he doesn't go to the supermarket anymore," Li said.

Li designated a special zone for barrier-free shopping near the entrance of the supermarket, where goods have Braille labels and price tags. Guide dogs are allowed to enter the market, and paths have been created for the blind around the entrance. Visually impaired customers can follow the lanes to a dedicated cashier and then to the exit.

Customers can make payments by holding up their smartphones to the new quick pay devices without opening any app, Li said.


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