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Smart medicine helps achieve complete individualized myopia laser surgery


13th September 2023

Smart medicine helps achieve complete individualized myopia laser surgery

By Cai Wenjun

Artificial intelligence and 3D modeling are helping doctors to successfully conduct fully customized and precise laser surgeries for myopia.

Through the use of smart technologies, which create a single diagnostic network by integrating multiple eye detecting systems into one, patients are able to undergo detailed and comprehensive checks only through one machine. It then creates a 3D model of the patients' eyes and calculates and designs the surgical plan directly, experts told the Congress of Chinese Ophthalmological Society which concluded over the weekend in Changsha, Hunan Province.

"It is a really innovative technology, as doctors only need to conduct surgery in line with the plan, which has the least error compared with traditional methods, which need different machines and repeated measurements of the eyes," said Dr Shen Zhengwei from Shanghai-based Bright Eye Hospital Group, which introduced the latest technology from the United States-based firm Alcon.

"Doctors have been planning to carry out customized operation by the ocular wavefront for years.

However, the previous diagnostic technology could not help realize the goal.

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