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One-legged courier aims to deliver 1 million packages


23rd August 2020

One-legged courier aims to deliver 1 million packages

China has over three million delivery workers as of the end of 2019, according to a report released by China Postal Express & Logistics. The huge workforce accompanies the swift development of China's e-commerce and advanced infrastructure, which reaches almost every corner of the country.

Thirty-one-year-old Shen Guangyu is one of the country's three million delivery workers. What makes him different from his millions of counterparts may be his physical appearance. Shen lost one of his legs at the age of six after it was sucked into a water pump in a rice field. Given the hectic nature of the job and the fact that he walks with the aid of a crutch, Shen's career choice appears surprising to many.

But he is unperturbed. He dexterously maneuvers his motorized tricycle in and out of narrow alleys and delivers the same number of packages as other deliverymen. In some cases, he even surpasses his colleagues.

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