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Old phone booths getting a new designer look


24th July 2023

Old phone booths getting a new designer look

By Staff Reporters

Old telephone booths in Jiading District have been renovated into trendy public phone kiosks as part of a smart city project that is expected to benefit seniors who don’t own mobile phones.

The new digital telephone booths at 604 Dazhi Road in Malu Town, 733 Xinhou Road in Zhenxin Subdistrict and 888 Baoxiang Road in Nanxiang Town have high-definition screens and smart cameras. It provides three-minute free domestic calls, free mobile phone charging, and community canteen and bus stop information.

After scanning their faces or entering their phone numbers, users can also use it for one-click taxi-hailing services.

Elders can call 114 for guidance on the latest elderly medical care and other policies. By calling 12345, the deaf and mute can request sign language service through the screen.

According to a government plan, Shanghai Telecom will remodel 1,000 outdated telephone booths in the city into senior-friendly digital phone kiosks by 2025, with 500 expected to be ready by the end of this year.


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