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New technologies respond to retinal disease increases


20th November 2023

New technologies respond to retinal disease increases

By Cai Wenjun

Age-related, diabetic and genetic retinal degeneration accounts for more than half of patients with blindness in developed countries, and the incidence of retinal disease in China continues to rise due to the increasing population of elderly people, and a growing number of people with diabetes and/or metabolic diseases.

About 21.4 percent of Chinese over 60-years-old have eyeground problems and the incidence increases to 25.6 percent among those over 70. Age-related eyeground disease has become the leading cause of blindness for older people. Retinal disease is the most common eyeground disease.

Myopia, cataracts, and retinal disease have become the leading focuses of the domestic medical industry, which is developing new technologies, theories, and measures, experts told the International Retina Summit in China over the weekend.

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