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New platforms make health education easy and interesting


4th January 2021

New platforms make health education easy and interesting

By Cai Wenjun

Why do doctors cover the patient undergoing an operation in green cloth while only leaving a hole for surgery? Is circumcision necessary for each boy? Why does a newborn baby's skin become yellow?

Questions like these and similar ones on other issues of concern are being answered in a variety of ways and through simple words by local health authorities.

Talk shows, cartoons, livestreaming events, dramas, videos and social media have become major means and platforms for Shanghai's health authorities, hospitals and medical professionals to promote health knowledge and clear misunderstandings and rumors pertaining to health care.

A cartoon telling children and parents how to prevent and control myopia won a top prize at a recent national health education competition, where 19 works from Shanghai were honored.

The cartoon, developed by Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital of Fudan University, promotes knowledge about myopia through dinosaurs and uses vivid and simple words to tell children what kinds of habits are risky factors for myopia and how to protect their eyes.

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