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Meet the dogs helping children learn to read


4th March 2021

Meet the dogs helping children learn to read

Today’s World Book Day looks very different from usual, with kids missing out on the classroom fun and dressing up with friends.

Even the therapy dogs who’d normally come into schools to help children to focus and read can’t do their thing right now.

Since leaving the much-loved charity, many Battersea rescue dogs have spent time visiting children around the country as therapy dogs, often acting as a quiet companion to be read aloud to.

Claire O’Hagan, Rehoming and Welfare Manager at Battersea, says, ‘At Battersea, our staff and volunteers will often take time to sit and read with dogs in kennels. It not only provides companionship and enrichment for the dog but can be really therapeutic for the person.

‘Every single rescue dog is amazing in their own way, and we are always so pleased to hear of those that go on to do great things once they leave Battersea, such as becoming qualified therapy dogs in schools, hospitals, care homes and many other places.’

As lockdown restrictions are currently preventing them from doing the job they love this World Book Day, Battersea has three star therapy dogs they wanted to shine their spotlight on.

Meet the three pups who’ve dedicated themselves to helping others read, and what they’re up to this World Book Day.


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