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Healthy outlook for children thanks to AI screening


5th August 2023

Healthy outlook for children thanks to AI screening

By Cai Wenjun

A boy receives an eye check at the AI-aided children and minor health screening and service center in Shanghai.

Local health checkup facilities and grassroots hospitals have included artificial intelligence into children's disease screening and health evaluation.

Myopia, tooth decay, overweight, obesity, unbalanced nutrition, curved spine and mental health are all issues affecting children's health.

According to the National Health Commission, about 53 percent of Chinese children and minors have myopia, and there are more than 5 million primary and middle school students affected by curved spines, which is rising by 300,000 new cases each year.

Regular health check and screening is an important measure to monitor children and teen growth and achieve early detection, early intervention and early treatment of diseases, said Dr Zhang Yiwen from Shanghai Children's Medical Center.

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