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'Frankenstein' staged with sign language interpreters


30th September 2022

'Frankenstein' staged with sign language interpreters

By Ma Yue

Going to the theater has been a luxurious experience for Zheng Xiaosan, who was born with a congenital hearing loss.

Despite his love for the theater, it was naturally difficult for him to follow the performances on stage.

Last Saturday, Zheng and his deaf friends watched the Chinese adaptation of "Frankenstein" with the help of sign language interpretation at the Shanghai Grand Theater.

About 30 people, all hard of hearing, took part in the event. They were put up in the front rows with the sign language interpreter in one corner of the stage.

Hu Xiaoshu was the deaf interpreter in the first half of the performance. Her colleague, Tang Wenyan, took over in the second half. So, the team used mirror image interpretation in the first half.

Hu Xiaoshu interprets the play with sign language.

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