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Food and Fun to Benefit Autism Awareness Apr 2 in Shuangjing

The Beijinger

23rd March 2023

Food and Fun to Benefit Autism Awareness Apr 2 in Shuangjing

Falling annually on Apr 2, World Autism Awareness Day seeks to inform and help people better understand what autism is and how it affects people. Here in Beijing, the Special Education Network and Inclusion Association (SENIA) is hoping to generate understanding of the disability in the capital with a special Autism Awareness event in Shuangjing.

Since the relaxing of Covid restrictions, the volunteer operated SENIA board has embarked on a mission to increase community awareness and advocacy to meet the needs of individuals with autism. According to Stephenie Lee, SENIA board member, this Autism Awareness event represents what is, they hope, “the first of many events that can provide the public with a free and engaging opportunity to learn about those with disabilities.”

We recently spoke with Stephanie to find out more about the event, SENIA, and autism in China.


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