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Feature: Blind engineer opens up new vistas with computer game design

China Daily

21st December 2023

Feature: Blind engineer opens up new vistas with computer game design

A new online computer game has been created with a dominant hue of white, no graphic elements, no special visual effects and no background music.

It seems to break all the rules of game design, but for more than 1,000 visually impaired players, it provides a colorful fictional world that integrates various functions, including combat, handicrafts and making friends.

The game's designer is Shen Guangrong, a blind engineer working in the tech hub of Shenzhen in south China's Guangdong Province.

"Programming gives me a sense of accomplishment, because I can make barrier-free software products for my friends who also belong to the visually impaired group, and they give me feedback after using the products," the 27-year-old said.

Shen works at the Accessibility Research Association, a Shenzhen-based social organization focused on research into China's barrier-free development. Through the organization, he has been providing accessibility services to visually impaired people for eight years.

Born with congenital blindness, Shen said the vast majority of his daily life depends on various kinds of sound. "Sound, touch and smell are the ways in which I experience the world," he said.

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