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Exhibition highlights the importance of eye health


27th July 2022

Exhibition highlights the importance of eye health

By Li Qian

An exhibition in Shanghai is raising awareness about eye health.

Visitors are treated to a vibrant kaleidoscope of images, such as an eyeball magnified by a microscope, to demonstrate the wide range of applications of optics and to create popular photo-taking locations.

It also includes text, photos, and interactive installations that promote eye health tips.

Free eye exams, in particular, are available to predict myopia risks in children and various adult eye problems such as glaucoma and cataracts.

The exhibition at a community science popularization venue on 124 Maoming Road N. will end on September 10

A woman gets a free eye check-up at the exhibition.

The Shanghai Science and Technology Association set up the venue to promote science by inviting multinational companies to co-host exhibitions, with German optical systems and optoelectronics manufacturer ZEISS being the first to collaborate.

According to the Shanghai Health Commission, the incidence of myopia among Shanghai minors was 60 percent in 2021, 1.2 percentage points lower than in 2020. It is the first time in 30 years that the city has seen a decrease.

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