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Community worker places third in contest


18th September 2021

Community worker places third in contest

By Yang Wenjie

Chen Xiang, a 33-year-old residential community committee worker in Meilong Town, recently won third place in a China Disabled Persons Federation competition with a creative series of short videos and a good online sales pitch.

Chen introduced himself in a video, playing guitar at the Reeb Innovation Industrial Park, the renovated site of an old beer factory.

"I wanted to resonate with viewers and help them learn more about Meilong," he said.

In another 4-minute rap song video entitled "Love and Shanghai," Chen holds a loud speaker to sing a song about the scenic sights and conveniences of living in Shanghai.

The competition, open to both the disabled and non-disabled, was initiated by the federation to promote public awareness of how the physically impaired can function as part of the social fabric of communities.

The competition, which started last November, ended last month after interruptions due to the coronavirus pandemic. The final required contestants to do livestreaming sales because video experience is often key to making a living.


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