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Chen Jun’en, Christian Music Teacher in Fuzhou Blind School

China Christian Daily

11th June 2021

Chen Jun’en, Christian Music Teacher in Fuzhou Blind School

By Lin Muli

Editor’s note: In the spring of 2001, the following title headlined 'Fuzhou Evening News', a local newspaper in Fuzhou, Fujian Province: “AnAnnual Salary of Two Hundred Thousand Yuan Plus a Car, Former Headmaster of Tsinghua University High School is Now Principal of FuzhouJinshan Private Senior High School”. Many parents brought their children to the school, full of expectations. At that time, I was appointed as the school's deputy director of the political office (the position of director was temporarily vacant). As it was a new school, the clubs and organizations among the students were not perfect, and it was my responsibility to set up the school’s student union and youth league committee. The first representative meeting of the youth league committee was planned, and school leaders would like to invite a blind personwho had just graduated from university to give a speech to the school representatives. So I went to the Macao Road of Fuzhou City to look for Chen Jun’en. He gladly accepted the invitation from the school and gave a touching inspirational speech to all representatives of the school'syouth league committee... That is how I got to know him.

Born in 1963, Chen Jun’en, a native of Fuzhou, was born in an ordinary worker’s family. His father, Chen Cuntan, was the third generation inheritor of Fuzhou’s century-old shop, “Tongli Meat Swallow”. His elder brother, Chen Junfan, becomes the fourth-generation master of the intangible culture.

Chen loved music from childhood. At the age of five or six, he would watch a phonograph keep spinning, listen to the songs from it and learn to sing the songs. In the first grade of primary school, he learned to play the bamboo flute from his brother. When he was in the fourth grade, he found a harmonica in his brother’s box and a book named 'How to Learn Numbered Musical Notation'. That was the beginning of his self-study of music.



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