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A helping hand, with a difference

China Daily

6th August 2023

A helping hand, with a difference

Company device allows those who lost a limb to retake control of their lives, reports He Qi in Shanghai.

After losing his left forearm during a workplace accident a few years ago, Wu Zheng'an fell into a depression and was constantly worried that he would never be able to work again.

"I couldn't accept the new reality," recalls the 37-year-old, who was operating a crusher at a construction site in Guangdong province when the accident occurred. "I even advised my wife to divorce me because I didn't want to be a burden to her."

For a long while, Wu had to survive on the support provided by his family as he couldn't find a proper job.

But he finally caught a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel in March 2020 when he chanced upon a video clip of a smart bionic hand called OHand on social media platform Douyin.

Wu did not hesitate to give the product a go, and he now describes that decision as life-changing.

Unlike traditional artificial limbs, OHand has signal sensors that track changes in skin morphology and intention signals related to finger movements transmitted through muscles. The signals are then sent through the skin to the bionic fingers.

Created by Shanghai-based OYMotion Technologies, OHand weighs just 495 grams and allows users to perform dozens of tasks like pinching and holding chopsticks.

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